Monday, 15 August 2016

Jamie Christina Mission Tank upcycled variations

I had plans for this pattern, and I decided to start by upcycling.  It wasn't optimal in terms of creating the perfect pattern, but it was nice to get some new tank tops!

The first one you may recognise.  It was a Burda cardigan, that became a Burda sewn-shut cardigan, and the truth is that the very dry rayon does not flatter when it's too big.  I needed a size smaller and this drove me crazy.  So I was very cautious when changing the top into a tank because I really love this fabric.  I had to cut two fronts.  The length was just the length of the Burda top without the hem, and some of the shaping below the waist was lost.  I added about 1-2 inches to the outer side of the back shoulder on the pattern, just eyeing the change, and I removed 1" permanently from the front shoulder strap as it's perennially too long.

The one major loss was all the curving lines in the Burda top.  I think if I had managed to make that top perfectly - ie the right size, the well-supported button band, etc, it would have worked out.  But life is full of ifs, right? And I'm really happy to have a wearable item which is a nice useful basic.

Number 2 was a Skunkfunk shapeless top from the Humana store (used clothing from Europe, and cheap!) in Mariupol.  My creative juices were whetted endlessly by the things in the Humana but I didn't usually let myself buy things I couldn't wear locally.  For no good reason, this was the exception.

The changes were basically the same - I was trying to include the bottom band but it was slightly gathered, and so it was hideous and had to come off.  I again eyed the extra width for the shoulder, and again lost some of the shaping below the waist.  I have not hemmed this one because it seems like a hem band will get in the way of the tank's stretchiness.  It's a very stretchy rayon blend.

These were a lot of fun to get me more used to the challenges of upcycling clothing!  But in terms of my perfect Mission Tank I think I'll have to follow the pattern next time in order to actually choose how much shaping I want. 

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