Monday, 24 October 2016

Megan Nielsen Reef top

I cut this pattern in an XS based on my measurements 33.5-27-37.
I was going to just make the top but then the shorts somehow appealed to me, and I had some rayon fabric left over from my Willow top.  I didn't have enough for the inner bits of the shorts hems, though, so the shorts are sitting until I can identify a good fabric for this specific bit.

In the meantime I made the top as a muslin.  I really loved this pattern when it came out, but this is partly because I have a piece of shiny Versace stuff that I want to use, and I recently realized it's not stretchy enough to be a Mission tank as planned.  So I was envisioning this as a good tank for wovens. 

The fabric was a Hello Hilo Hawaiian muumuu, made of rayon, that would have fit me pretty well on its own, from Goodwill, $4.  Instead, I got cutting.  I found the instructions good but sort of lost interest in this top as I went along.  I have no idea why.  I had a lot of ease in the side seams and took in 5/8" from each side; the instructions note that the top is made to be roomy, hence the ease in the first place.  But it's a lot of ease.  I would just remove this from the pattern altogether in the future.

I might shorten the front straps an inch next time (will there be a next time?)  Otherwise, I think the fit is ok, it pulls across my back and I think an improvement would include widening something somewhere in my back (no surprise there).  When you sew the facing onto the back, you are sewing through four layers, including two interfaced layers, so keep that in mind if your fabrics aren't thin.  I didn't have a problem with it on this light rayon.

In the end I have no enthusiasm for this top.  The fit is only ok.  The process was not difficult.  I don't like the facings, but they do stay in place.  I guess you're supposed to tack them down somewhere, but I'm not sure where exactly. 

When I find an appropriate scrap I guess I'll move forward with the now season-inappropriate shorts...

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