Saturday, 22 October 2016

Myopic Mountain Morris (by Grainline patterns)

Grainline Morris, of course.  And the fabric looks to me like the view from my tent on a sunny morning in the mountains, before I've put in my contacts. 

I cut this in a size 4 back in Ukraine.  I considered making various fit changes but I thought I should first test it out in a muslin kind of way.  A wearable muslin, but the fabric I wanted to use actually had no stretch - I remembered it wrong, so I put the pattern aside. 

The fabric here is from emmaonesock.  It's a lightweight stretch cotton.  This was definitely a wearable muslin.  I just get such bad fit from Grainline patterns in the shoulder, and so I didn't anticipate it to fit very well, but I needed to do it and see it to believe it.  I'm also not in love with open front things.  The Morris looks awesome on other people and that made me want to test it out - another reason is that I thought (initially) it would be a good place to make modifications if I needed to, but actually the collar is kind of confounding and so made me hesitate.

The collar reminds me a lot of the Marfy free jacket pattern...another one I muslined and then left behind as too confusing to fit to my shoulder/upper back axis.

Anyway I guess I got mixed up on step 15 because my bottom ends didn't match up, and when I went to do the stitching of the facings to the jacket, I had to go by the bottom of the facing, since the bottom of the jacket was longer.  So that changed the shape of the bottom by about 1cm.  Otherwise it went smoothly.  It actually fits, dare I say? ...fine.  But I don't like it because I can't close it in the front.  And I was thinking of making a second one but the fact that I was sooo lukewarm about it actually was enough to change my mind, I think I'll make some Safran pants instead...

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