Wednesday, 1 March 2017

I am Cupidon rayon top

Browsing Anna ka Bazaar I discovered a new pattern company and immediately snapped up a few patterns.  I decided to sew up this Cupidon nice and quick in some rayon jersey.

It became quickly apparent that the pattern is better suited to heavier knits.  This is a super fast sew, and reminds me of the Coppelia top by Papercut patterns, although it overlaps rather than having a tie.

I made a size 38 and I wouldn't necessarily go down, but in this loose rayon it really is big, and I could take some fabric off the sides and underarms.  I think this size works out in a bulkier fabric.  The bindings are very small and I had trouble getting them to lay flat - they are supposed to be a bit tight, but not really tight, as you don't want the bottom to pull inward, and so I had to press quite a bit for them to look as desired.  This is another issue that would be better in a more stable fabric.

This was a nice muslin attempt and I liked the instructions, which are cute and efficient.  They are available in English, which is a definite plus, and the seam allowances are included, although a bit funny: it says if you are using a serger, the allowances are added, and if you aren't using a serger, to add some specified amount and then use 3/8" SA.  But I think it said to add 1/2" and that the final SA is 3/8" so obviously confusing.

To get around all this I ignored it and just used a 2/8" SA on my sewing machine.

I don't adore the fit of this but my friend Dana, who's a totally different size and shape to me, ends up loving it.  I can see coming back to it with a heftier fabric though, and the other reviews are by people who did just that.  


  1. I love everything about this, it looks great on you.

    1. Thanks Claire and thanks for your comments : )

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