Saturday, 27 May 2017

Grainline Penny Raglan tee x 2

I was never going to make this top.
When Lizzy first made it (here) I thought huh, that doesn't look so bad but clearly it's not me, being all loose and shapeless.  The Hemlock and the Rumi went badly after all.

But then I moved to New Zealand and fashions are a bit different here...
Or maybe I blame it on Spotlight having a sudden unusual influx of desirable knits...
Because now I needed some loose raglan sleeved tshirts post-haste.  They were a nice break from all the sleeved tshirts.

All these fabrics are from Spotlight and the blue starred stuff (I've totally lost my mind, shapeless tees and now gold stars and glitter?  good god.) is also quite finicky, even handwashing it when I left it in water too long some of the gold started coming off.

I made a size 0 with no changes.  It's really wide and quite short, even I might consider lengthening it, although I think it's ok like this.  The size 0 didn't match my measurements at all - in Grainline I am usually a size 4.

ah yep there are shiny dots all over that white fabric.

These haven't had much time to enter my rotation yet but the blue with gold stars is the fabric I was jumping about in excitement and it's definitely been at the top of my tshirt stack (plus I have some leftover yahoo!!)  These aren't any good for work but I suspect they will creep into my wardrobe layered with tanks and sweaters.  But two was enough!

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