Saturday, 27 May 2017

Megan Nielsen Briar tee x 2

I'm pretty sure the Briar is my overall favourite tshirt.  The Renfrew and the Briar are in a tie, at least.

These Briars are both a size XS using my modified pattern.  It is lengthened 3" from the short length and I generally spontaneously smooth out the front curve, and then try it on and shorten the back curve so it's not as dramatic as the original pattern.

The first, stripes, is a pretty stable tshirt knit from Spotlight.  I made no efforts to pattern match.  Well, ok, I made about 15 seconds of effort, trying to line up the navy stripes at the shoulders and top of the sleeve, and you can see these minimal efforts means my stripes are only a little bit off.  I didn't even try for the pocket (which may be stupid since it doesn't take much effort to match up a pocket, but anyway.  Sweatshop was happening.  Now it bothers me when I look at it so I suppose I will at least match pocket stripes in future.)

The second is a tissue knit from The Fabric Store in Auckland.  It is the absolute last of my tshirt haul and it was the worst to sew because of being a tissue knit.  This stuff rolls up the minute you cut it and it found lots of ways to roll or wrinkle or fold itself up into a little ball right when I wasn't paying attention.  I left the hems bare, and I did the special Briar neck band.  I think I was planning to reverse and do the special binding on the stripes, but I mixed up my pattern pieces and so it ended up like this.

I love the special neckband but it's five layers of knit in one place and that means it dries really slowly.  For some people this might not be a problem but at times I've been irritated to have all of my laundry dry except the necks of my Briars.

These tops have already been into the rotation with my Renfrews, duking it out for first place in my tshirt sweatshop competition...

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