Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Megan Nielsen Virginia leggings x 2

I'm not quite sure why leggings felt like a kind of holy grail.  Maybe I was waiting for this pattern?  There are some other patterns out there including a kind of draft-it-yourself algorithm but the Virginia were what I wanted.  As others have mentioned they are ridiculously fast (if you don't lose the only safety pin in your entire house and have to search for it for two hours.)  You sew up the crotch, flip things around, and sew up the inseam, and then have just the waistband to add.  Super easy!

I cut a size XS, petite version, and the high waistband.  There is a low waist option but I reckoned I could try the high and then cut it down if it were too high.  This was absolutely true to my measurements (waist 27, hip 37) - they fit perfectly!  I'm 5'4" and the length was actual ankle length.

How I sewed them:

-The teal are merino, which was slightly heavier weight than the periwinkle, which is an amazing cotton-not sure-cashmere blend.  It reminds me of Majestic fabrics and I am a sucker for Majestic tshirts and tights.  I have a pair of their cashmere tights that are probably the best use of $80 I have ever spent.  Both were from The Fabric Store in Auckland.

-On the teal I straight stitched everything.  Everything!  I finished with a zig zag and I left the hems undone.
-To hold the elastic in place I just stitched up and down at the side seams after pulling the elastic out flat, so equal amounts would be in each quadrant.  The back is also held down by the stitches through the label - and labels in these are really helpful so I know which side is the front! My mum got me these nice labels for Christmas.

-On the periwinkle because it's lighter, I used the lightning bolt stitch on the waistband - I did notice a touch of pulling on the waistband of the teal.  With wear I have noticed that the crotch stitches are a bit tight, not uncomfortable, but I suspect that is the weakest spot with using a straight stitch, and I'd recommend sewing the crotch, if not the inseam, with a zig zag or with a lightning bolt stitch.  On the periwinkle I used a zig zag for the hems.

-The waistband is modern high, which means it's still below my belly button and it is slightly higher in the back than in the front. My horse skirt sits on my hips, so you can see by the photo that the waistband is higher than that.

Now as photographing transparent tights for my blog has been done and still makes me squirm (no link to those, thanks!), I decided to show my Virginias in (semi-)action.

Horse skirt by Burda and my first and favourite Briar tee!

The entire inspiration behind the teal tights was to wear them under my amazing Chataigne shorts, but in truth I think I'm not a shorts + tights as fashion kind of girl.  The shorts are tight enough without a layer under them.  Maybe really thin black tights, but not teal merino tights.  So while I had my housemate Mark wielding a camera for me, I substituted my amazing horse skirt, although don't be too alarmed, as I doubt I would go out in public in this combination.

No side seam!

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  1. Oh! great, you fixed it! It is looking so much better now. I think I must also do this with my Ultracor leggings. I love my leggings but I need to change some of those for adding colors to my life. I can wear a legging like this to my dance class. Thanks for such a wonderful idea.