Thursday, 15 June 2017

Papercut Anima pants success, plus bonus upcycled shorts

I have attempted Anima pants a few times.
It's hard to tell what size I was using - probably XS.  They were never as flattering as on everyone else...and I had issues with the waistband elastic and with the finish on my first pair, and with the length on my second pair.

Not to say I dislike my amazing upcycled Anima pants but as I might have mentioned, they definitely won't make it out of my house. Ever. 

I had to trace the pattern anew this time so I started fresh with the XXS.  I shortened it about 2 inches at the bottom, removed the pockets and fly, and angled out 1 cm from the front waistband, tapering to nothing at the side front.

The fabric is a nice, rather light merino mix from the Fabric Store.  It's got terry loops on the back and I made a Renfrew with it too.

Finally, success!  The Anima are an easy pattern and it only took me, um, 4 tries to be really happy with it!

So while I was at it I had a massive skirt originally by Metalicus, which I upcycled into a Plantain.  I had just enough fabric left - plus the great RTW waistband - to make some Anima shorts.  Everything the same - I used the shorts length and attached my ready-made waistband!  They are a bit higher waisted because of this but I'm super pleased - although totally useless in cold winter I always need this kind of shorts in summer for sports/sleep/lounging so they will be put to use.

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