Thursday, 29 June 2017

True Bias Sutton tee in silk

This is the second Sutton top I've made.  Here is the first.

Still a size 2, and this time I shortened it 2 cm.  Er, I definitely shortened the front, anyway, but more on that later.  As I mentioned on version 1, the size chart would have me make a size 4 and I sized down because I don't like things too oversized.

The fabric is a silk charmeuse remnant from The Fabric Store in Auckland.  I immediately know I'd use it for this pattern.  I thought the combination would be low key and just perfect and I was right.  I love it and I've been wearing it a lot.

(These pants are my very first Sewaholic Thurlow trousers.  They are now more like boyfriend jeans because I have lost weight.)

This pattern is really top notch and I enjoyed it the second time around as much as the first.  It's a pain to finish the side seams on a silk top without a serger - I used a zig zag which creates kind of a mess, but I think it is stable, at least and won't fray.  And I can keep pining for a serger! The rest of the seams are done as french seams and I took my time and did a lot of ironing for once.

So I got around to the bottoms and noticed with some suspicion that all my dots on the back were about 2 cm lower than on the front, so I think somehow I didn't shorten it properly.  To make up for this I used the front (shorter) dots as the main ones and I ended up folding the back hem up one time extra.  The silk didn't like this and it is a bit messy on the inside, but the outside looks fine, and it makes a heavier hem which is nice. 

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