Friday, 8 June 2018

Victory Patterns Esther pants

The Esther pants were one of the first things I put on my sewing queue this year.  I have been quite good at not rushing to add projects to the list, just in the last few weeks as I prep for a trip I have sewn too much because of not wanting to leave anything undone.  But overall I have really enjoyed having a sewing day at Tessa's, where I can focus on getting one project done from start to finish.  And then not sewing much during the rest of the week - or only sewing quick projects.  Now I'm gearing up for major knitting and I think it'll be a big challenge to not build up sewing queues but to tolerate the slow progression of my knitting instead.

I think I was reviewing all my favourite pattern designers when I had just come back to civilisation from Nepal, and saw that Victory Patterns had put out a new capsule collection.  I adored these on sight.  I love the knit dress/top Frances too but it wasn't a priority.  When I went to buy fabric at the Fabric Store in Auckland I was very dedicated to my pants project, and bought four different types of fabric specifically geared for the four pairs of pants.  It was really overwhelming at the time and I am super pleased to have all of them done now, ready for unveiling.

The fabric is a rayon silk blend with slight texture to it.  It is dark chocolate brown.
I cut a size 4, based on my measurements with no changes.  I knew by using the short hems, they would nearly be ankle length on me, and indeed this is so.  I'm 5'4" and this is the "cropped" length.  Because the pieces are quite wide, you do need more fabric if you have narrow fabric.  This used the expected amount of fabric, and I did not have much left over. 

I did manage to sew them in one go - up to the invisible zipper!  It ends up that Tessa has never done an invisible zipper in her life and didn't have the machine foot for it.  The pants stalled for about 3 weeks while I tried to figure out what to do.  I finally researched online and bought one - she has two Brother sewing machines and the foot was only 13 dollars.  Totally reasonable.

After that it was fast to finish!  I put them on and I've been so happy ever since. The pockets are massive and are hidden behind the pleats.  These do wrinkle a lot but I don't care too much.  They are also not at all bicycle friendly.  No chance.  The length is great, just above the ankle but not high enough on me to make me look short.  They are basically the height of fashion.  I adore them.

The one thing I don't like is the zipper finish.  Because when you put in a zip it means that you have the sizes of that zip kind of hanging out - the Calyer pants with their elastic are SO BEAUTIFUL on the inside, as is the button fly of the Persephone pants.  I did get to overlock all my seams on these and so they are finished very nicely, but I just have to learn how to finish zippers better in order to be satisfied.  I wondered if you could use elastic in the back of these instead but it would really mess up the fantastic drape.

Yet again - amazing instructions.  No problems following them at all.  The pattern came together nicely with no weirdness although it did say to make an ease stitch and then ease the waistband in and I was in too much hurry and just Made It Fit.

That makes pants success number 2!

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