Monday, 9 July 2018

Halfmoon Atelier Summer Jumpsuit Tofo

I was a pattern tester for this pattern, which is the most intricate that Meghann Halfmoon has put out so far.  Here is the pattern - there's a discount on until 9 July.

It was a really fun surprise to make up the jumpsuit.  Initially I was suspicious because things without straps don't generally fit me.  Unlike everyone else my high bust is larger than my full bust, but it's because of my back muscles.  Everything usually just falls down.

The jumpsuit does have straps, which go on with buttons and can be adjusted in length or crossed in the back.  I didn't put the straps on because I didn't have access to a buttonholer at the right moment!  The top has a yoke front which comes up quite high, gathers below the yoke and a bloused shape.  The back has a facing with 2" elastic in it, which creates the pull that holds the bodice on and is really secure due to the high front.  The pockets are generous and there is a tie belt with belt loops which I suppose is all optional if you wanted to skip that part.

I cut a size 3 which has been consistent for me across all of Halfmoon Atelier patterns.  I think that if you are long waisted you might want to lengthen the drop in the crotch, because it fit me perfectly.  On basically all RTW the crotch is way too low for me.  The bodice fit really well and bloused nicely, so yet again if you have a long torso you might want to lengthen it.  The bodice is pretty adjustable, in the sense that you can wear it higher or lower as you desire but I preferred to have the yoke up high to give me a feeling of security.

The fabric is rayon which was perfect - drapey but well behaved.

yay i match the balcony!

This was a really exciting pattern to see come together!  Since the temperatures here have dropped I might not be wearing it until spring but it's the first strapless item I think I've ever considered wearing out of the house, and the instructions were meticulous.  The aesthetic is unique and fun and I'm already thinking of making a top using this pattern.  

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