Friday, 2 December 2016

Closet Case Patterns Sallie jumpsuit in navy

My first Sallie jumpsuit was beautiful but undeniably huge.  I can't make any excuses for deciding I was suddenly a size 8.  This time I made a size 4 and I think it is the right size (me: 33.5-27-37).  I also shortened both the front and back rise by 1.5".  I noticed they were the same as the size 8 which hung halfway to my knees.  I could probably have done without this in order to get a more drapey look but I really don't like fabric hanging between my legs.  The blue fabric is from Hart's Fabric, it's a rayon jersey (I think) and is slightly lighter weight than the red I used for my first version.  They had such fast shipping - I think I ordered the fabric on a Friday and got it by Monday.  It is so soft and drapey and amazing, and I bought it specifically for this why didn't I buy enough? Arg!!  I had to cut the bodice lining and the pocket lining from something else.  In the end though, I really like the colour effect of having a different coloured bodice inside, and I think I will keep doing that in the future.

In my lighter weight fabric, I feel like it shows all but the fit is great and the jumpsuit is so comfortable.

Making this a second time highlighted the construction issues I still had: the triangle meeting at the underarms.  Maybe the instructions need to tell you what to do for the big hole that you have there?
And the pocket instructions, which have you put the two parts of the pocket together before applying them to the pants.  I believe on my first version I made one wrong and had enough fabric to cut it out again.  This time I had them all the way attached before I realised my mistake, so they are inside out.  Because the lining of my pocket is also pretty slippery knit, the pockets hang open more than I would like, but friends have assured me I'm the only one that thinks so.

This took, again, less than half a day (once you exclude the running break, coffee break, rock climbing break, etc)  and the pictures are a bit dusty because I put it on right after rock climbing, with my chalky fingers.  I'm still in the process of figuring out how much shorter to cut the hems - I cut 2 inches so far and I think one more has to go, but I'm going to wash it again first.

I love this jumpsuit.  I am finally ready to make multiple versions of it - I have some more red fabric but I think I might also just lengthen the bodice and make it as a top too! 


  1. Ah I don't get the pockets! I'm so stumped. Searching the web for answers.

    Yours turned out so cute!

    1. Hi! Thanks!

      I think the safest thing to do at this point is ignore the instructions and sew the pockets in the normal way, ie interface the pocket facing, sew it on, flip it over, understitch it, and THEN add the pocket to that. This ensures that all the interfacing is on the correct side. Something in the instructions must just sound misleading.