Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Verb for keeping warm Endless Summer tunic

I discovered this pattern - and this pattern company - while looking for a US source of Merchant & Mills patterns.  This is the place I found.  The pattern seemed really cute on everyone who has made it and I'm looking for nice top patterns to use some of my Liberty fabrics and to layer with leggings.

The smallest size is 37, so that's what I cut.  I used a leftover piece of Liberty from a project which is cut but not sewn...

I found the instructions to be lacking in many spots and to be weirdly worded.  I had to follow the instructions because I just didn't know what it was doing things in the order indicated, and the construction feels fiddly and backward. Near the start as I french seamed the fronts and backs together...I couldn't find the v-neck because I had sewn it shut!  I did not do French seams on the sides because I didn't feel like managing that with pockets...I thought Carolyn had made a nice tutorial but anyway there is one here, somehow it's like French seams when attaching the sleeve to the body of a top - just feels like I'm not ready. 

Another little irritation: the pattern doesn't tell you to leave all the seam allowances open on the yoke, so when you are inserting the body into the yoke, I had to cut those back open.

The fronts and backs have to be cut as two pieces because there's some shaping in that seam - a way to avoid darts, along with the gathers at the shoulder.

oops!  Butt wrinkle...there were no other good back pictures

But my verdict after the growing pains: I like it!  Definitely more of a dress than a tunic on me.  I would make prettier gathers next time, and use something a bit drapier.  Initially I didn't like the pockets but they are kind of handy (haha).  It's not form fitting but I really like the shape, and by the end I did appreciate how the instructions came together.  It's hard to appreciate the lightweight cotton lawn in the middle of winter (I was freezing) but I think this material is a good match for the pattern if you plan to make a lightweight tunic/summer dress or coverup.  However in a heavy, drapier fabric I could see this being a great year-round dress.    

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