Thursday, 7 September 2017

Anima and Virginia pants: a scuba experiment.

I had a length of some scuba fabric from Spotlight and was planning to make a dress with it. But then after kayaking I got to thinking it would be nice to have some scuba kayaking pants.

So I decided to make both the Anima pants and some Virginia leggings and see how they would come out.  I suspected that the Virginia leggings would be too tight, because the scuba fabric tends to have a lot less give compared to other types of fabric. 

I was right. I used the same sizes I have been using lately: XXS in the Anima pants, and XS in the Virginia leggings, with the high waistband and the petite sizing.

Above: are all Anima pants.  Below: are all Virginia leggings.  The leggings honestly I can barely pull them on.  They were a direct to op-shop kind of sew.

But the Anima pants are great, and will definitely be my kayaking pants for the rest of this winter!

You can see the waist of this is loose on the hanger.

Virginia pants are very tight on the hanger!

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