Wednesday 13 September 2017

Papercut pneuma bra in upcycled feather print

I was keen to try out some swimsuit sewing.
My starting point was the pneuma bra, and the soma bottom and bra top.

Unfortunately, although I did finish them all before I left, I only photographed the pneuma so I'll talk about that.

I cut XXS which usually is the size in Papercut that fits me the best.
The fabric I used was a slightly stretchy, massive and shapeless top from the op-shop.  It was mostly nylon and didn't have too many holes, which were easy to work around.  I lined it with substantial, black swimsuit lining from Tessuti.  This stuff is serious - it's strong and compressive and everything fit tightly when I used it - I would consider that in future sizing.

Sewing this was pretty easy.  I really don't like how much the neck part of the top folds outwards though - did I pull too much tension, or not enough? I was also not convinced that four little tiny pieces of foldover elastic would be enough for the straps.  It requires some contortion to choose where you put those straps too - this is a great place to have a friend who can help and mark your back for you!

The fit: is tight and actually a bit too compressive.  I would wear this swimming more likely than running because in the water it would loosen up a bit.  For a future version I'll add 1 inch to the center front.  That would both give me more room, and would widen the neck a little bit.  As it is, the straps are a bit too close together too so that should be a perfect fix.

I'm not sure if in a more giving fabric, like ordinary knits, it would be loose enough on its own, but I do appreciate how compressive the swim lining is!

As for the straps, I would switch them out for 1" heavy duty elastic in the future.  That would be fine, at least, for a jogging or yoga bra top.  For a swimming top I'm not sure elastic does well in the water so I'm still not sure what I'd use instead.  The idea of trying to make straps out of slinky, misbehaving swimsuit nylon doesn't appeal but I suppose it is an option.  I don't think I would use FOE again.


  1. I love the back! I just made a strappy bikini top and used this tutorial for making the straps (about halfway through is when she makes the straps).

    1. Thanks so much! I will definitely use that next time! And thanks for stopping by : )