Monday, 11 September 2017

Megan Nielsen Eucalypt dress in lemons

I have made this dress before, but it was so bad that it was just a muslin and I never blogged it.  I cut a size XS, I believe, and it was too tight over my hips.

Recently I pattern tested for another one of these slip-dress styles, and had lots of opportunities to see how sizing around the hips changed the fit of the dress.  It made me willing to be more flexible and size up in the hip area as a way of managing my swayback.

So when I decided to cut into some lovely, summery lemon fabric, I went from an XS at the bust to an S right around the waist.

The dress is very simple, lending itself to french seams.

I was, however, still not satisfied with the amount of fabric pooling in my back.  The solution would be to add fish darts to the back, if I were so inclined.  Another option would be to use drapey fabric like rayon that might make the swayback less obvious.

I gave this to my friend Regina who says she loves it, and who lives in a hot clime where she can wear it a lot! 

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  1. Cute! I have just got internet back so I am binging all of your posts. These are amazing!