Sunday, 10 September 2017

Orange Lingerie purple lace Marlborough bra

This bra is the story of thinking you know what you are doing and forgetting all the details.

I made this beautiful bra awhile ago.  Too bad that it seems 32 C really does not fit me these days.  So my solution was to cut a 30B, to decrease both the clearly too big cup size and the clearly loose band.  That was a bad move.  Next, I went on to cut my pattern out in lace using glue, that honestly isn't my fault is the absolute worst sewing glue on the entire planet. Pick your spray glue wisely!!  If I had taken a picture of the glue I'd post it but I didn't, sorry.  Madalynne recommends Odif's 505 (here) and I would go with that next time as I reckon she is the lingerie guru these days

Then buoyed up by all that tension and anger from dealing with the glue, I popped all these tiny pieces of lace into my sewing machine, where the feed dogs had a lot of fun.  This bra looked too small to me - the cups just seemed small.  And my drive to actually produce a nice bra hit zero really fast.  Which shows.

The cups are not even because I couldn't see my snip marks and didn't try very hard.  Other than that it looks ok.  It is too small, both in the cup and in the band.  I think a 32 B might have given me the best result.

The lace and notions are from Tailor Made Shop.   I generally like everything I get from there, but this was actually a kit to make a Madalynne bra, and as kits go I think it doesn't match very well - it looks good when the pieces are just lying out but as a bra it has too many jarring elements - why are the straps so dark?  Nude closure?  It would be better with a dark coloured underlining instead of the pale white.  I also didn't underline the top panel of the bra, and I think that would lead to it being very flimsy and falling apart faster. 

And I have finally been on the verge of a bramaking breakthrough: I do not wear lace bras.  Why do I keep trying to make them?  It may be time to get over my anxiety of foam and make a foam bra - ironically the very first bra I made was foam and then I reread a bunch of blogs and thought I should be not using foam, so I stopped and never tried it again.  However, the duck billed shape of the Marlborough is even more apparent in this smaller size, and so I think it is also time to start making different patterns - I have in mind the Harriet to try, plus one of Madalynne x Simplicity 8229,  but I believe that Anne from Clothing Engineer had a lot of advice that I might read up on prior to my next foray into bras.

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