Sunday 10 September 2023

The Greenstyle Lumia hoodie, well hello Greenstyle patterns!

I have been hoarding medium weight leftovers since making the Linnea pullover hoodie and realising I am totally claustrophobic in pullover hoodies, plus I hated the way I had pieced it.  When I saw this egregiously obvious Lululemon copy it was clearly gonna be the winner for these scraps, with some nice piecing potential for the birds, though let's not pretend it will replace my carefully curated Lulu hoodie collection.  I reviewed all the blogs and got some useful size info, from which I chose size 3. It's not necessarily what the size chart would have gotten me - I would have done C at the chest but graded up to E at the hips.  I don't think that was necessary and the reviews pointed me in the right direction, commenting that it is pretty roomy. 

I shortened the pattern by 2" at the shorten lines, everything dovetailed up perfectly.
My vision had been to use black fabric for the sides and lower back, but I realised I couldn't do that and use it anywhere in the hood and I thought it might be jarring with blue sleeves.  I also had blue ribbing, not black.  So I ended up using this double faced, quilted blue knit as the main supplement to the birds (I think it's by Mind the Maker) and only lined the hood in black.  

I enjoyed the instructions, and everything came together neatly without any issues.  The pockets are great, as they create inside pockets as well as outside ones.  Since I used rib on the cuffs and hem, I should have shortened it, but I didn't and they are too loose. 

As you can see I remembered that my fancy sunglasses make all my photos look better (at least to me) so I have added them back into my photoshoot.  

When I connected the first piece of blue and birds, I immediately knew I hated the combination.  I've gotten lots of feedback that other people think it's rad but I was totally turned off.  Welp, now I know!  I had two people vying for this but my housemate won the coin toss. 

This is a pretty roomy hoodie and I actually recommend using a heavier weight sweatshirting for it.  My fabric, which is french terry and the double knit, in my opinion, is borderline too thin.  I also see that to up the quality of the finish, a twill tape edge on the zip side is really needed. I keep putting off learning how to do that.  The instructions for this pattern have included that, so it was my laziness this time around.

I don't know if I have made any Greenstyle patterns before, though my friend Tessa swears by them, I keep saying to myself that I have enough activewear and don't need to make any. This is totally a fallacy.  I need to always make the things I like wearing so that the ones I make will take over my wardrobe!  I do have future plans to make some running tights and summer activewear, and I've had some activewear fabric stashed so hopefully that will all come out in the next few months. This has been a pretty exciting boost for me to try more of this company's offerings.


  1. I think you're saying your housemate ended up with the hoodie? Lucky housemate! I love the combo of the blue and birds! Greenstyle do have a good reputation.

    1. Yes my housemate and I aren't usually the same size so it's extra special when she looks so good in things I make! I seem to be in the minority regarding this colour combo...but all good, I'm excited to think up a colour scheme that will suit me better.