Friday, 18 November 2016

Grainline shibori Scout & Hemlock tee

In my endless, slow progress toward a well-fitting Scout, this version is for my cousin who is basically the same size as me. (Previous Scouts here, here, here, here)  It's a size 4 at the top, going to a size 2 below the armscye.  No other changes.  It's interesting to see all my trial Scouts in different fabrics, but the main lesson (other than ugh, silk-velvet) was that a shoulder widening didn't improve the fit across my back.  This version is much better.  I will add in a sloping shoulder adjustment to my next Scout...but I'm hopeful that I'm finally nearly arrived at my goal!  

Making a Scout is pretty easy.  I french seamed the shoulders and sides, and therefore forgot what the seam allowance was to set in the sleeves, which I refuse to french seam, but it didn't influence the fit (I sort of went from 5/8 to 4/8 on one sleeve.)  The fabric is a very densely knit cotton that I dyed about 2 summers ago, using shibori techniques. 

And I've been looking for some kind of ideal, exciting knit top.  So finally I got on the Grainline Hemlock bandwagon.  Because it's free, and the dropped shoulder started to appeal to me.  But I think this top needs a fabric with less body.  My version is just...ok.  I did what I could to make it wearable, aka I added cuffs to the sleeves and shortened the body by 2 inches.  I might make another one in a lighter weight jersey and take 2" out of the center front and center back to narrow it a bit.  Not sure yet. 

The fabric for this, as boring as it may appear, is actually interlock weight organic cotton from siebenblau in Berlin.  I love their website but they don't ship abroad, so during a recent trip I allowed myself to buy a few pieces of fabric there.  It was overwhelming!  There's still so much I wish I could have from their website!! 

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